Misconstrued: An ode to the victims of school shootings

I wrote this poem as an ode to the young people that lost their lives in a school shooting. This is also for their loved ones. Let us not forget Columbine High, Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook, and the countless school massacres we’ve witnessed. We must put an end to this. Anyone can make a change in their community.


When you have your particular way of living, people tend to intrude,

But when the tables are turned, they appear vex and confused,

Your closest friend is now an enemy to you,

You try to make amends but she has already told people horrendous things about you,

Facts that she distorted, now they are no longer true,

Students now whisper, not knowing the truth is exclude,

Now your entire reputation is misconstrued.

Your mind can’t take it anymore, took a walk through the school hallway and nearly fainted,

Lies, deceit, and defeat have you damn near disoriented.

The succeeding day you brought a gun to school and unloaded bullets on every student in sight,

You then placed the gun to your temple as your hand shook in nervousness and fright,

One squeeze from your index finger and gone was your life.

Screams or gunshots seem to be many trouble children anthem,

If only a loved one was there to let them know that it isn’t always good to use a permanent solution for a temporary problem.

-LL Fraser



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